1 September 2013

New blog.

Hello. Welcome to my blog ~ Beauty in Things.
I'm not very good with introductions, but here goes!
I have previously had a blog before, firstly it began life as The Beautiful News, were I mainly wrote about beauty products, and reviewed them.
Over time, The Beautiful News underwent it's own make over and transformed into Colour Outside The Lines. Here, I continued to run a beauty & lifestyle blog.
As much as I enjoyed blogging, I think I kind of lost my way and eventually stopped, but I have always wanted to start up again.
And here I am! A new blog, Beauty in Things (BiT).
Beauty in Things is my humble piece of the great World Wide Web to post & share all the things I come across & discover. Things for the home, places to visit, share some of my photography efforts.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and that you will continue to visit.
I am also on Twitter, if you wish to follow my tweets.
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