1 September 2013

Monthly Favourites - August 2013.

During the past month, I have been really determined to get back into blogging. While my new blog, Beauty In Things, or BiT for short, is still a work in progress, it is all starting to come together rather nicely! But I really couldn't have done it without the brilliant tutorials from Ellie!

I was on the verge of completely giving up on Blogger, and had started a new blog with a different blogging platform, Postagon, which offers a clean & simple interface, but I wanted the customisation options that Blogger offered - Postagon is extremely limited, running a huge risk of all the users' blogs being generic.

If you haven't already checked Ellie's blog out, follow the link above. Not only does she have useful tutorials, she is runs her own blog shop, where you can pick up social media icons, templates and her blog design services!

And a massive sorry to Ellie, who I have been tweeting question after question too!

Recently, I have noticed quite a bit of problems with my skin, dryness, spots, blemishes, and have been trying to re-organise my routine and what products I am using. I am terrible for chopping and changing, buying products with good reviews, nice packaging, but have returned to Liz Earle.

There are many, many wonderful reviews for the numerous products Liz Earle sells, a fair few I have tried myself, but I have returned and released just how wonderful the 3 step Daily Essentials pack is for my skin.

I have been using the products religiously every morning & night for the past few weeks, and have seen an improvement in my skin. Makes me wonder what exactly I was thinking to try anything else!

I do like to see myself as a bit of a Shutterbug. I am by no means a professional photography, and I don't have any fancy equipment, just a perfectly good Sony Cyber-Shot, but I do enjoy photography.
I have been in a new(isn) relationship for over a year and a half now, which as been full of city breaks & weekends away, which has really allowed me to get to grips with my camera in new places and really get shutter happy! 

This maybe isn't one of my finest shots, but I like it. And from time to time, I will indulge in posting some of my photographic efforts!


  1. Aw I love looking at other people's photography, i'd be glad to see some of the shots you take. And I agree with you there, Liz Earle is just soo good and I now know why the hot cloth cleanser is so hyped up by other bloggers! x


  2. Awh thank you, this is so sweet! Very happy to help you lovely xx


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