20 September 2013

All brand new & the broken silence.

Recently I have been feeling rather sluggish & having no energy, and while lazing around spied the latest advert for Kellogg's All-Bran, promoting their 5 Day Challenge. Intrigued, I hopped onto the website and discovered it was aimed at people who feel bloated, sluggish and having tummy niggles. 

Research shows many people do not get enough fibre in our diets, and fibre, as most of us know, is needed for a happy, healthy and effective digestive system. By starting the day with a bowl of All-Bran, it contains natural wheat bran fibre - "which is the most effective cereal fibre for digestive health."

The challenge was simple - have a bowl of All-Bran at the start of each day, and by signing up for free on the website, track how you are feeling each of the 5 days.

So off to Sainsbury's I went, who were conveniently doing an offer on 2 boxes of All-Bran for a few pounds. I picked up 2 boxes of clusters, one in Caramel, the other in Chocolate. Gone are the days of the dull, brown sticks, these clusters were actually pretty tasty!

I easily stuck it out for the 5 days, having a bowl each morning before departing for work, and then updating my online Tummy Tracker once I was home. The Tummy Tracker also gives you hints & tips each day.

By the end of the challenge I was definitely feeling less sluggish and more energised! Was very much worth doing the 5 Day Challenge, and I have every intention of continuing with a bowl each day.

You may have noticed on Sunday that I posted my first ever Silent Sunday post. I came across this on Emma's blog, and found it really interesting.

Originally started by Comsic Girlie, the idea is to post one photo on a Sunday, with no other writing apart from the Post title, and it must be a photo taken by you which sums up your week. I thought this was something different to do with my blog, and I nice way to share some of my better photographic efforts, and I hope to post a Silent Sunday each week.


  1. I have to say All-bran always puts me off because it tastes of nothing, but the clusters look so tasty! I might have to try this :)


  2. Hi Issy. I really recommend the chocolate clusters. They are really tasty!

  3. What a fabulous photo. It is beautifully composed. An amazing foodie shot. I like All bran and used to eat it a lot with fruit on. Now I have porridge with fruit because I don't get hungry again so quickly.


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