28 September 2013

Bloggers Book Club.

I have noticed the number of book reviews posted by a number of blogs which I follow, is on the rise. Recently, I have been wondering about starting a Bloggers Book Club if there was any interest.

Maybe something like this already exists, and I just haven't found it yet! But the format that I have thought of would be something like this:-

  • Beginning of the month - book club members/participants submit suggestions for the next book to read.
  • Middle of the month - poll held to select the "winning" book. Book choices from either the most popular suggestions, or the first  3 or 4 suggestions received.
  • End of the month - announce the "winning" book for reading during the following month. Hold a Twitter chat for members/participants to chat about the finished book.

If you are interested in joining/taking part in a Bloggers Book Club, answer the poll below so that I can get an interest of how many would take part. I have added a sign-up form below so you can add your email to the mailing list as well.

If there is enough interest, I was thinking of holding a poll during October to select a book to begin reading in November.

Are you interested in joining a Bloggers Book Club?

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  1. Love this idea! Definitely interested!

  2. Thanks Hailey. Hopefully enough people will be interested.

  3. What a lovely photo. I love the composition: the book, the cup and the flower. It is beautifully done. I would be interested in the book club. It sounds like a good idea :-)


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