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Hello. I am Jemma, the blogger behind Beauty In Things. I am no stranger to beauty blogging - in 2010 I started my first blog The Beautiful News, before stopping in 2012.

I love beauty products, particularly eyeshadows & mascaras, skincare products, and hair care.

Beauty In Things is a slightly different blog to The Beautiful News - it feels more mature and I feel I can post more personal posts than I did previously.

My blog will not only feature reviews of products I have tried and tested, but will also be a place to post my daily ramblings, and share my photos - I am a bit of a keen, amateur photographer. I will also share recipes that I love, and lifestyle related posts. I move into my first home (without parents!) in 2012, so expect to see lots of home & garden inspiration posts as well.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and hope you like it enough to follow me. You can also contact or follow me in one of these ways: